Linking Stewardship and Food

At the invitation of the King County Conservation District, the Alliance for Puget Sound Natural Resources joined forces with Stewardship Partners, 21 Acres, and Full Circle Farms, to submit a grant proposal for a pilot project called “Watershed Soup”. This project will create a unique addition to the efforts supporting sustainable agriculture in King County. “Watershed Soup” rests on a compelling synergy: 

  • A delicious food product created by Puget Sound celebrity chefs. 
  • Ingredients sourced from regional producers who embrace stewardship. 
  • Sold under a brand that tells the larger story of food, farms and environmental values. 

If funded, “Watershed Soup” pilot will be produced from ingredients sourced from Salmon-Safe farms at 21 Acres’ kitchen, then sold at its market and to Full Circle’s CSA customers. Producers will benefit economically from ingredient sales and profit participation.

The pilot project will result in a roadmap through which a line of soup and other “Watershed” food products, each reflecting specific stewardship stories in Puget Sound communities, can be financed and implemented at scale. At that level it will become a regional business model grounded in a consumer culture that values Puget Sound’s producers and it's land and water.