Our Mission

Foster a Puget Sound culture, inclusive of all, that recognizes our shared and complementary values: healthy and resilient food systems and stewardship of the land and water that support it.

Foster a Puget Sound culture – Our shared values, beliefs and action will support stewardship of our land and water by providing economic and social rewards for doing so. Recognizing the power of “neighboring up” helps us achieve our goals through respect and collaboration.

Inclusive of all –Our tribes, public agencies, farmers, food purveyors, other businesses, consumers, and non-governmental organizations all have legitimate interests and goals. Each deserves an effective voice.

Healthy and resilient food systems – Our salmon, shellfish, dairy and other animal products, fruits, vegetables and other crops feed our region and play a vital role in our regional economy.  They also reflect our heritage and are essential for a vibrant future.  We aim to strengthen the social and economic systems that support them.

Land and water stewardship – Our collective dependence on clean water and productive land requires stewardship practices which preserve and protect these critical resources.

The future we envision

We see a future, for generations to come, of abundant salmon and shellfish and a vibrant and resilient farming industry, all created and protected through a Puget Sound culture of collaboration and stewardship shared by all stakeholders.