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market opportunity for dairy manure

Learn about market opportunities for dairy manure at our New Solutions for Dairy Waste page.


food that rewards stewardship

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience," said James Beard, the legendary food writer. He was right, of course.  Food connects us powerfully as the air we breath.

The Alliance for Puget Sound envisions a line of prepared foods sourced from products grown on farms which use environmentally sustainable practices. A line of products that lets consumers use their buying power to reward farmers for good stewardship. It's an idea James Beard would have loved. Learn more by downloading the Rewarding Stewardship infographic.

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"watershed soup" feasibility study

Watershed soup is envisioned as a branded ready-to-eat soup or chowder made from ingredients sourced from the Puget Sound region. It's designed to reward farmers whose stewardship practices enhance water quality - especially for salmon and shellfish. The goal of the study is to determine feasibility of the watershed soup concept, develop the requirements, and recommend potential partners. Contact Linda Chauncey for more information.